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Adult Golf Instruction



Adult Golf Lessons In San Antonio

When it comes to adult golf lessons I offer a couple of different options.


One on One Private Golf Instruction

These golf lessons are an hour in length and can be spent focusing on full swing, short game, putting or course management.


Full Swing

After talking with the student about their goals and talking about areas they are unhappy with I use video analysis to identify swing faults and causes. Using drills and some training aids I develop a practice plan for the student to implement the changes and achieve the goal they have set forth.


Short Game

Depending on the skill level of the individual this can be learning basic shots to building an entire short game system for the more advanced player.



I use Blast Motion technology to analyze tempo, face rotation, etc. As well as video analysis and a variety of putting aids designed to forever eliminate 3 putts!


Course Management

This training takes place on the golf course and includes teaching a strategy to approach any golf course and manage your game to achieve the best results.

Upcoming Golf Clinics

Adult Golf Clinics In San Antonio Texas

This 6-week beginner golf clinic is a very affordable and popular option for the person who has never played golf before or is still very new to the game.


Each class is an hour in length and takes place in a group setting. 


I cover putting, chipping, full swing, and basic rules over the course of the six weeks.

Adult Golf Clinics
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