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U.S. Kids Golf

Player Pathway


Weekly Group Golf Classes

We offer weekly group golf classes year-round at our facility in Lacoste, Texas. Each class meets for 1 hour each week for a total of 4 hours each month. We use the U.S. Kids Player Pathway as the structure for the classes and to track the progress each student makes. The class sizes vary with 1 instructor per 6 students. I have been teaching kids a long time and I have found group classes where the kids play games and compete helps them to develop quicker.

Class Schedule

We offer classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


Monthly - $99

One Time Initiation Charged on the First Month - $26


The NEW U.S. Kids Golf Player Pathway consists of 10 Levels.  As players advance from level to level, new forms are learned, skills improve and achievement pins are earned.

Completion of Levels 1-5 establishes the basic fundamentals to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and knowledge of the game.  Advancing through Levels 6-10 provides the skills to successfully compete in tournament play.

In each level, there are five checkpoints in which achievement pins may be earned: 


Once all five checkpoints are attained a Mastered Pin is awarded to the player who then advances to the next level. 


Weekly Group Registration

Participant Information

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